This is a translation of an email the Atkins International Youth Foundation recieved from a Haitian whom the AIYF has helped in the past (and will continue to do so). He sent this letter as an appeal for help.

Translation of Email from (name withheld ) – January 21, 7:02 PM, sent through Western Union in Dajabon.


Hello my friends, how are you? I am not too bad by the grace of God. Carline has some family who died in the earthquake in Port au Prince. There is one brother of Carline’s who did not die who came with another man’s wife to us in Ouanaminthe, now there is a problem for me to feed them. Bob is very sad. If you are able to find the occasion to talk with some of your friends if they can help me?

Because now everything is very expensive.

Carline’s family had money in the bank, they lost all the accounts that they had, and now all the banks in Haiti are closed. So I have a lot of problems now.

I have debt of $1350 Haitian, please, do not be angry with me, because only you I am able to talk to who understands the problems of today.

Before the problem in PaP I used to buy a gallon of gas for 200 goud, now it is 250 goud to buy it, rice was 1800 goud, now it is 2150 goud, and it is not easy to find it, because all the stores in PaP are destroyed. They can’t open the port to sell because they have a lot of theft which gives many problems in PaP, now there is little food in Ouanaminthe, and again each day the price is more expensive.

Please my friends do not be angry with me.
This is (name withheld) who loves you very much.
Thank you.